The Best TED Video I Ever Seen


And I’ve seen quite a lot. Make sure to watch this inspirational, insightful and moving video!


What I got from this video

  • Appreciate the life you have now because at any time something can happen to you.
  • We should all be trying to achieve the level of peace and joy she felt during her stroke even if it’s not to that extent.
  • We have the power of every moment to choose who and what we are.
  • At this instance, we can unlock the consciousness of our left or right hemispheres.
  • Although we are separate individuals, we are are also one.
  • The more we focus on which hemisphere we want to go towards, the more conscious we are of it.
  • Although we’re not going to give ourselves a stroke and feel what she felt, we can try to improve that type of self-awareness by getting insight. For example, from that video alone, I gained insight of being able to go toward who we are in the hemispheres of our brain. We can keep achieving more of this by reading, watching and practicing other things that can give us the same insight.
  • After watching this video, I decided to dedicate more time on zen, meditation, enlightenment, and other eastern philosophies.

- Dan

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